Joomla Control Panel

Joomla Dashboard is known as Joomla Control Panel. When you will login as an admin, a section will be seen wherein you can add and update your website such as adding content, categories, adding blocks on the website, etc. This is known as Control Panel.

The Joomla Control Panel is visible here,

Joomla Control Panel

Here, the following menus are visible,

Joomla Control Panel Menus


The System menu shows Global Configuration options. From here, manage the cache too. Also, get system information.


The Users menu provides options to create new user groups and users. Also add access level and send mass mail to users.


Avoiding any extra work, the Menus menu provides options to add a new menu to the Joomla website from the Control Panel itself.


Easily add content to the Joomla website in the form of articles with the Content menu. Add new categories to the website with ease.


The Components menu shows you the components of a Joomla website i.e. how to add Banners, News Feeds, etc on the website.


Extensions extend the functionality of a website. The Extensions menu gives options to install a new template, plugin. It has features to check the module section, add new languages, check templates, etc.


The Help menu brings you closer to the official Joomla support forums, Help section, as well all the official websites. This includes, Joomla Extensions, Documentation, Resources, Community Portal, etc.

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