Add New Menu to Joomla website

In the previous lessons, we created a new Menu RightMenu and then worked with adding two Menu Items Training and Website Development. Now, we want the new menus to be visible on the website. The steps are quite easy to add new menu to Joomla website, let’s work on it here. On adding the menu RightMenu, the menu items, which are part of the menu, will also get added on its own.

Go to Menus and click Manage as shown below,

Manage Joomla Menus

Now reach the RightMenu menu and select Add a Module under Linked Modules. This is done so that our new Menu and its Menu Items are visible on the website in any section; let’s say “RIGHT-SIDEBAR”,

Add a module for Joomla RightMenu

Now, a new section is visible wherein you need to add the following details,

Adding a Joomla module

Title– The title of the new menu.

Select Menu– Select the correct menu, here we selected RightMenu

Show Sub-menu Items– Select Yes if you want to add sub-menus to your menu.

Show TitleYes, if you want to show it on the webs page, else No.

Position- Here, add where you want to show the newly created Menu. We will select Right for right sidebar as shown below,

Add New Menu to Joomla website

Now click Save & Close for saving the changes. Now, go the website locahost/studyopedia/ and refresh it. The following changes will be visible, now you can see the newly created menu on the right sidebar,

New Joomla Menu RightMenu visible on the website

In this lesson, we learned how to add new Menu to Joomla website. We added our RightMenu to the website sidebar as shown above.

In the next lesson, we will learn how to add a new Joomla submenu.

Add new Joomla Menu Item
Add Joomla Submenus
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