Add Logo to Joomla Website

While developing a website, you would definitely want to change or add logo to Joomla website. With Joomla, you can easily add a new logo by following the below steps,

Go to Extensions > Templates,

Joomla Templates

Now, you can see the templates. Click on the default template, Protostar i.e. the one which us visible on the layout of our website localhost/Studyopedia,

Select Joomla default theme Protostar

Now, you can see the option to change the logo, under Advanced as shown below,

Add logo to Joomla website

After clicking Select above, you will reach a section to upload logo and then insert it as shown below,

Inserting logo for Joomla website

Now, you can see the logo is uploaded successfully. Select Save and that’s it.

Logo for Joomla website inserted

Now, go to the website i.e. localhost/Studyopedia and our new logo is visible,

New logo visible on Joomla website

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Studyopedia Editorial Staff
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