Add new Joomla Extension

Extensions in Joomla extend the functionality and features of the website. Add new Joomla extension and manage it easily. Enable the extensions, manage and use them on your Joomla website.

Go to Extensions > Manage

Reach Joomla Extensions section

We can install different types of extensions to extend the functionality of the site. After reaching the extensions section, all the extensions will be visible. Enable the disabled extension and use it to add more features to the website,

Add new Joomla Extension

Enable Joomla Extensions

The disabled extensions can be easily enabled. Right now, under the Extensions section, one of the extensions isn’t enabled. We searched the disabled extensions using the Search Tools filter as sown below,

Joomla Disabled Extensions

To enable a disabled plugin, select it and click Enable,

Enable disabled Joomla Extension

The extension successfully enabled and the success message is visible with the tick sign, which shows the extension is now available to use,

Joomla Extension enabled successfully

Add new Joomla Plugin
Finding Joomla Extensions
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