Set Magento Catalog Price Rules

Discount that is given to the users before they add the product in the cart is known as Magento Catalog Price Rules. So, coupon code isn’t used in this case. With Magento, set the catalog price rule for your online store.

For example: 15% discount on Bags, Get up to 25% discount on Watches

To reach the Catalog Price Rules section, login to the store as an admin, and reach the Dashboard.

Go to MARKETING menu and click Catalog Price Rule under Promotions,

Reaching Magento Catalog Price Rules Settings

Now, you will see a section for catalog price rule,

Magento Catalog Price Rule section

Above you can see currently we’re having a single rule. So, now we go through some steps to add a new catalog price rule.

Here are the steps to add catalog price rules,

Add Magento Catalog Price Rule

Firstly, we will add a new rule. For that click Add New Rule, as in the following screenshot,

Adding new Magento Catalog Price Rule

Now, after reaching the section, you can see, here is a need to add,

  • Rule Information
  • Conditions
  • Actions

Sections to add new Magento Catalog Price Rule

Rule Information

So, let’s add our new rule, i.e. Rule Information first

Add Rule Information for Magento Catalog Price rule

As you can see above, we added the following information,

Rule Name25% Discount on BagsThe name of the rule.
DescriptionProviding 25% Discount on Bags for 5 days.Describing the rule.
StatusActiveKeep it “Active”, if you want it to be live on the website.
WebsiteMain WebsiteThe websites where rule will be live.
Customer GroupsNOT LOGGED, General, Wholesale, RetailerCustomer Groups for rule to be applied. Use “CTRL” to select multiple options.
From23-Feb-2017Starting date for the rule to start.
To27-Feb-2017The Ending date of the rule.
Priority1A number to set up the priority of your new rule.


After completing the Rule Information, now add the conditions. Under Conditions, click the (+) and select the condition. Here, we have selected Attribute Set under Product Attribute for condition as shown below,

Adding condition for Magento Catalog Price Rule

Now, select is or is not link, which are the comparison operators, for the condition,

Selecting comparison operator for Catalog Price Rule condition

Click the (+) sign again to add Attribute Set now. We will be adding Style Bags as you can see below,

Selecting Style Bags for Magento Catalog Attribute Set

Now click (…) sign after contains to select the type of bags for which you want to give discount. We will select all bags as shown below,

Selecting type of style bags to apply Catalog Price rule


After adding condition, the last step is to add actions. Under actions, set the discount, for,

  • Apply as Percentage of the Original Price- Percentage of discount
  • Apply as Fixed Amount- Fixed amount of discount
  • Adjust final price to this percentage- Final price based on percentage
  • Adjust final price to discount value- Final price on discount value

As we want 25% discount, so we will add Discount amount as 25%, for Apply as Percentage of the Original Price under Apply field,

Adding action for Magento Catalog discount rule

After adding rule information, conditions and actions, click Save to save the rule.

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