Add New Magento Block

In the previous lesson, we learned why Magento block is used. Here, we will learn how to add new Magento Block. Let’s add a new block. For a demo, we will be adding a simple message on the website.

Login to the store as an admin and reach theDashboard.

Go to CONTENT, then Blocks.

After clicking, you can see all the blocks are visible,

All the current blocks on Magento Store

Now to add a new block, click Add New Block on the same page as shown below,

Add new Magento block

A completely new section opens up to add a new block. Add the details to add a new block, for example,

  • Enable (Yes/ No)
  • Block Name
  • Identifier
  • Content

Add details for the new Magento block

Now, you can see under the blocks section, our new block is visible.

New Magento block Message successfully created

Magento Block
Delete Magento Block
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