Create Magento Email Template

A store website needs to send emails regularly to customers, regarding Products shipped”, Products delivered, Payment Failed, etc. Definitely, you won’t write emails again and again for individual customers, so you need an email template for that. Let’s learn how to create Magento Email Template to ease our work of sending emails.

Magento provides awesome default templates for email. Let’s see them here. But, first let’s reach the Email Templates section.

Login to the store as an admin and reach the Dashboard.

Go to MARKETING menu and click Email Templates as shown below,

Reaching Magento Email Templates section

Here, we reached the section; now click Add New Template to add a new email template as shown below,

Create Magento Email Template

Now, we will learn how to add a template for Payment Failed email. In the section shown below, click Template and select the Payment Failed template and click Load Template.

On clicking, you can see it loads all the fields.

After that click Save Template and that’s it,

Load Magento template for Payment Failed email

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