Add new Magento page

Add new Magento page such as AboutUs, Team, Portfolio, Services page, etc. Here, we will see how to add a new page. We will also learn how to enable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your page and changing the design, etc.

Login to the website as an admin and reach the Dashboard.

Go to CONTENT menu and click Page under Elements section.

Reaching Magento pages section

Now, we will reach the Magento pages section, which we saw in the previous lesson, wherein all the pages are listed.

There itself, you can see Add New Page, so click on in the following screenshot,

Add new Magento Page

A new section opens up, wherein you can see some options such as Enable/ Disable page anytime, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), custom design update, etc. Here are the sections visible,

Sections while adding new page to Magento store

Now, we will add some options here for our new page, Team,

Enable PageYesEnable or Disable the page
Page TitleOur TeamAdd page title
Content HeadingTeam MembersAdd the heading
EditorAdd team page content here
Search Engine Optimization
URL KeyTeamPart of URL, IT should consist of lowercase characters and to separated words, use hyphens,
Meta TitleOur TeamAdd page title
Meta KeywordsTeam, Store, MembersAdd keywords here
Meta DescriptionOur team members that made it possible to create and manage this store with so many products and registered users.Add page description here
Page in Websites
Store ViewAll Store ViewsStore Views
Layout1 columnSet Layout here

Here’s the screenshot,

Adding Team page to Magento Store

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