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A theme has a layout that shows the structure of the website. Layout is the arrangement of text and graphics i.e. which we see on any website. A lot of Drupal Themes are available fore developers.

Bartik theme is the default theme, which comes with Drupal Installation. Themes are visible under the Appearance menu.

Here, we will see how to install a new theme.

Finding new Drupal theme

After installing Drupal successfully, you will be provided with a default layout, since Drupal provides an installed and enabled free theme.

Let’s say you want a different layout for website. In that case, you can easily search a Drupal theme and install it on the website. Let’s see first, how to find a new Drupal theme easily.

Firstly, go to drupal.org and click on Themes given in footer.

After that you will reach the following link, where all the themes are listed,

Let’s say, you want to go for the drupal 8.x compatible themes from the list of theme. For that, on the theme listing page, add the filter like the following screenshot,

Drupal 8.x themes filter set

From that, we will install, Drupal8 Zurb Foundation Theme.

Click on it and you will reach the following Drupal8 Zurb Foundation page,

Drupal Themes - Zurb Foundation theme page

Learn about the theme here, since the Theme information is provided here, with the number of downloads as well as the last modified date. Other detailed information of the theme is also available here.

Below, you can see the download link,

Drupal8 Zurb theme download link

Download the theme zip file shown above.

In the next lesson, we will learn how to install the new theme using the zip file downloaded above.

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