Adding new Drupal blocks

Let’s say you need to add new Drupal blocks in Sidebar Second, which shows a simple message about the website or information about the company events. Easily add a Drupal block and place it on any location of the website, which is called a Drupal region. Blocks are like boxes, which you can add to the header, footer, sidebar i.e. Regions,

What is a block and region

Blocks are the boxes of content that can be displayed in regions (such as footer or sidebar) on your page. Here, box can be a login box as well as region can be any region on the website i.e. header, sidebar first, footer, etc.

For that, login to the website as admin.

Create new Drupal block

We will create a new block here.

Go to Structure > Block Layout. Here, first you can see the Demonstrate block regions (Bartik) section. Click on it to see the block regions as shown below,

Reaching Drupal Demonstrate block regions section

After clicking the Demonstrate block regions (Bartik), you can see the following,

Drupal Demonstrate block regions (Bartik) section visible

Above you can see, we will create a new block in the form of a message and add it to Sidebar second,

Now, go to the block layout section again and click custom block library to add a new block. Click Add custom block,

Create new Drupal blocks with Add custom block

Now, add Upcoming Conference information for Block description and other fields for your block that includes the Body.

After that click Save as shown below.

Adding new Drupal block

Above, we added the description as well as the body content.

After clicking Save, you can see the following is visible, which shows our block has been created successfully,

Drupal block Upcoming Conference created

In the same way, easily create more Drupal blocks.

Now, we will learn how to add Drupal block on the sidebar second region of our website.

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