Add a new WordPress Category

Categories on a WordPress website is used to group related posts. WordPress category is to be added for providing navigation to the users. For example, a technical website can relate posts with categories as Programming, Web, Security, Networking, etc. The users can easily understand the categories and reach whatever section they want on the website.

The default category is Uncategorized, so if you won’t mention any category while adding a new post, it will by default go into Uncategorized category. If you want to change the default category, then visit the writing Settings lesson.

Adding WordPress Category

Adding categories in WordPress is quite easy. For reaching the settings to add a new category, login to your WordPress website as an admin, and after reaching the dashboard, go to
Posts > Categories as shown below,

Reaching WordPress Category section

Reaching the categories section will allow you to visit all the categories now on the website and also an option to add a new category. Here, two sections are visible: Categories and add new category,

Add new WordPress category

You need to add the following field while adding a new category,

  • Name– Name of the category
  • Slug– The URL-friendly version of the name.
  • Parent– Categories have hierarchy, so you can add a parent category to any category.
  • Description– Category description

Here, we are adding a new category Database. So, after adding, we clicked Add New Category and now our new category is visible as shown below,

New WordPress category added

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