PrestaShop Installation on localhost using XAMPP

In the previous lesson, we learned about PrestaShop and its features. Let us now learn about PrestaShop Installation. To install PrestaShop on your local machine, you need to follow some steps, which can be seen below,

What you need for Installation

For starting working on PrestaShop to create an online store, you need the following software/ tools on localhost:

  • PrestaShop: It is a free and open source Ecommerce solution, written in PHP and supported by MySQL database. Develop Ecommerce store using PrestaShop with ease.
  • XAMPP: It is a cross platform open source web solution package, that fulfills your need of,
    • Web Server
    • MySQL
    • PHP

Installing PrestaShop on XAMPP Server Localhost in Windows

We’re learning PrestaShop installation from scratch, so first we need to install it on localhost.

Here are the steps,

Step– Go to the XAMPP official website and download XAMPP,

Download XAMPP for PrestaShop

Step– Install XAMPP at any location. We’re installing in C: Drive as shown below,

Install XAMPP on system

Step– Create project folder in the following htdocs directory,


Create project folder in htdocs

We’re done with installation of XAMPP.

Now, we will learn how to install PrestaShop.

Download PrestaShop

Step- Go to the official website of PrestaShop and download it.

Before downloading, you need to enter your email-id and why you want to use PrestaShop.

After that, PrestaShop v1.7.2.2 download will start,

Download PrestaShop

Step- Now, move the zip file to the new folder you created for your project,

Step- After moving unzip the files under the PrestaShop zip file.

Now your folder directory will look like the following,

PrestaShop Project Directory

Step- Start XAMPP from XAMPP Control Panel.

Firstly, go to XAMPP Control Panel as shown below,

Start XAMPP Control Panel

Now, start Apache and MySQL as shown below,

Apache and MySQL started

Step- Now, go to the browser, type the following and press enter,

Step- Choose language for PrestaShop installation.

After that click Next,

Choose language for PrestaShop installation

Step- Read the License Agreement now and check I agree to the above terms and conditions as shown below.

After that click Next,

License Agreement for installation

Step- Now, we’ve reached the System Compatibility check for PrestaShop Installation

System Compatibility check for PrestaShop installation

Above you can see the compatibility has been verified successfully. Click Next

Step- Now, add the Store Information.

Here, add the following information about the store,

Shop NameOur Online ShopAdd the store name
Main ActivityFashion and AccessoriesMention main activity of the store
CountryIndiaThe country of the store
Your Account
First NameLearnerEnter first name
Last NameOneEnter last name
Email AddressEnter email-id
Shop PasswordEnter the password
Re-type to confirmConfirm the password

Here’s the screenshot,

Add PrestaShop Store Information

Add the store information and click Next

Step- Now, under System Configuration section, you need to configure the database.

Create Database

Let’s create a database by going through the following link,

After reaching phpmyadmin, create a new database prestadb.

Click New, then add a database name and click Create as shown below,

Created database prestadb for PrestaShop Now, add the database information, with database name, and the following information,

Database server addresslocalhostAdd the server address
Database nameprestadbAdd database name
Database loginrootAdd database login
Database passwordAdd database password
Tables Prefixps_Here, add the prefix you want for your database tables.

Before moving to the next step and clicking Next, we need to click Test you database connection now! as shown below,

PrestaShop Store information added and tested database connection

After that click Next and you can see the store final installation started.

PestaShop Store installation

While installation, you can see the theme is installing.

Default Theme Installation for PrestaShop store

The installation completed successfully as you can see below.

PrestaShop installed successfully

Here, you can see a message, to delete the install folder for security purpose.

Last action to delete the install folder forPrestaShop Store Security

Now, go to the project directory and delete the install folder as shown below,

Delete the install folder for PrestaShop Store Security

In the next lesson, we will learn how to visit the PrestaShop Store Home Page after installing PrestaShop correctly. A default store gets created and you can check it by visiting the home page.

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PrestaShop Store Home Page
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