Backup PrestaShop Store Database

Create a backup of your PrestaShop Store Database. This will help you when you want to move your website on another server. Backup is also fruitful if let’s say your website face hacking attack. In this lesson we will learn how to backup PrestaShop Store Database.

To create a Backup, login to the PrestaShop Store as an admin and reach the Dashboard.

Under the section CONFIGURE, click Advanced Parameters. After that you need to click Database.

Reaching PrestaShop Store Database section

Now, click DB Backup tab and read the disclaimer before creating a database. After that click, I have read the disclaimer. Please create a new backup,

Backup PrestaShop Store Database

Here, you can see the backup is successful,

PrestaShop Database Backup successfully created

 A list of backup files can be seen there. This you can use while recovering the database,

List of backup files for PrestaShop

In this lesson we will learn how to backup files for PrestaShop Store.

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