Add product attributes to PrestaShop Store

Products are what you want to sell on your PrestaShop Store. Products are sold according to attributes, for example, shirts size, shirt color, etc. For shirt size, the values are small, medium, large, and extra large. In the previous lesson, we learned how to add a product to PrestaShop Store. Here, we will learn how to add product attributes to PrestaShop Store.

Product Attributes defines the characteristics of a product and makes it easier for consumer to decide what to purchase. To reach the products attributes section, login to the store as an admin and reach the PrestaShop Dashboard.

Go to the SELL section and click Catalog,

Reach PrestaShop product attributes section

After that you need to click Attributes & Features.

The Attributes & Features section is visible now, wherein all the product attributes on the PrestaShop store are visible. Option is also available to add new product attribute,

PrestaShop Product Attributes section

In the above screenshot, an option is visible to Add new product, click on it to add a new product attribute. We will add Fabric product attribute here. While adding, you need to fill the following fields,

The name of the Product Attribute. For example: Fabric

Public Name
The product attribute name to be shown to the visitors.

Attribute Type
The type of the product attribute you’re adding.

Add product attributes to PrestaShop Store

After adding the attribute as shown above click Save.

Clicking Save will save the attribute and redirect to the attribute page. The following success message will also be visible on successfully creating a new Product attribute,

Fabric Product Attribute added to PrestaShop Store

As you can see above, the Fabric attribute isn’t having any value. A value is the key for any attribute and helps customers in taking purchasing decisions, for example, cotton, linen, nylon fabric for shirts.

You can add the following options for shirt fabrics,

Fabric Product Attribute in PrestaShop Store

Click on Fabric attribute on the product attribute page to add values.

Then click Add new value and the following section is visible,

Adding new value to Fabric Product Attribute in PrestaShop

Add a value (we added cotton) and click Save then add another value to add another value.

Now, go to the Product Attributes section again and now you can see we have added 3 values to our Fabric attribute,

PrestaShop Product Attribute added successfully

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