Add Favicon Icon to PrestaShop Store

When you will install PrestaShop, the default logo will be visible, with default Favicon icon of PrestaShop. For your store, you can easily add a new logo as well as Favicon icon. In the previous lesson, we learned how to add new logo to PrestaShop. Now, we will see what is favicon and how to add favicon icon to PrestaShop Store.

What is a Favicon

Favicon is a website icon, visible on the web browser tab whenever the site is loaded or a bookmark icon, which is visible when the web page is bookmarked.

Add new Favicon Icon

To add or change the favicon, login to the store as an admin and reach the PrestaShop Store Dashboard,

Go to IMPROVE > Design > Theme & Logo

Reaching PrestaShop Themes & Logo section

Now you will reach the PrestaShop Themes section, where the current themes and Theme Settings are visible. Customize the Theme from here such as changing logo, Favicon, etc.

On the reaching the Theme section, our current theme, Classic is visible with the settings. Go to the Ā Favicon tab. Right now, the following PrestaShop icon is visible,

Add Favicon Icon to PrestaShop Store

Now, upload an icon file by clicking Add file.

After uploading the icon, click Save. Ā A success message is visible, which confirms the successful uploading of favicon,

PrestaShop new favicon icon uploaded successfully

Now, go to the store home page and refresh.

The new favicon is visible,

PrestaShop new favicon added and visible

In this lesson, we learned how to add favicon icon to PrestaShop Store.

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