Java Program Syntax

Java Program Syntax

Here, we will learn how to understand first program in java.  What all gets included in a Java program will be discussed i.e. Java program syntax.

Learn how to setup Java and run your Java program before beginning with understanding the first Java program.

Create a new file StudyopediaDemo and save it as, since java program has .java extension. The name of the file should match the class name, So, the class name in our program is StudyopediaDemo.

Here’s about the Java Program Syntax,

class: To define a new class

public: This is access specifier.

static: It allows main( ) to be called without the need to instantiate a particular instance.

void: return type

main: It is called when Java application begins

String arg[]: This declares a parameter arg, which is an array of instances of the class String. The array args[] is to receive any command-line arguments.

System: Predefined class that provides access

out: The output stream

println: To display the string

Run the above program and you can see the following output:

Java Program Syntax Output


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