Java Packages

A Package in Java, as the name suggests, groups related types i.e., it can be a group of related classes or related interfaces, etc. We already have built-in packages in Java, but we can also create our own packages to group related classes.

The following are some built-in Java packages:

To import the entire package, use the import keyword:

User-defined Package

Let us now learn how to create a user-defined package in Java. Create a file in D: drive:

The package keyword will be used in our Java program to use the package:

Let us create

Now, compile the file

Compile the package:

The screenshot displays the same command:

Java Packages

Now, a new folder amitpackage will get created. Here’s the screenshot:

Packages folder in Java

Run the

The above file will run successfully and now a class file will be visible in the amitpackage:

Java packages class file

Also, the output “Our Demo class” will be visible on cmd:

Java Packages created successfully

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