Java Method Overloading

We can easily create more than one method with a similar name but different parameters. Let’s say we have the following method:

We can create more methods with the same name:

Above, we have different types and numbers of parameters for methods with similar names.

The 1st will add two integers and the 2nd two doubles. This is called Method Overloading. For the same action i.e., addition here, by overloading, we do not need to use different method names.

Let us see two examples:

  • We will add numbers of different types (int and double) when the number of parameters is the same
  • We will add integers when the number of parameters is different:

Add numbers of different types (int and double)

Let us see the 1st example. We will overload the demoAdd() method and add two integers and then two doubles:


Add integers of similar types but different counts of parameters

Let us see another example where we will add integers when the count of parameters is different:


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