Add new Language in osCommerce Store

Add new Language in osCommerce Store

The default language of our osCommerce store is English.  Let’s say you want to add a new language, and then you can easily do with osCommerce. Learn how to add new language in osCommerce store. For a demo, we will add French.

To reach the language section, login to the store as an admin and reach the osCommerce Dashboard.

Go to Localization > Languages.

Now, you can see the default language is English,

Now, we will see how to add a new language. As you can see above, New Language button is visible, click on it as shown below,

Now, we need to add the language name, language code, sort order, directory, and whether it is to be set as default or not. Directory is where all the files and content for French language will be saved.

Below, you can see we’re adding details for French language,

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