Fix NetBeans Installation Error: An unexpected exception in thread main

While installing NetBeans, you may get the following critical error related to unexpected exception happened in thread main. Here, we will see how to fix NetBeans installation error. At first, we will see what the error is with the screenshot. After that, we will see the fix.

Let’s begin:

NetBeans Installation ERROR

“Critical Error”

An unexpected exception happened in thread main.



NetBeansIDE installation error

Easy fix

To fix the error, you need to uninstall JAVA 14 and install Java 13 and rerun NetBeans installer. Now, you would be thinking, why we need to do this. Well, it’s very simple. This error occurred because the following is mentioned on the NetBeans official website’s download page:

“The installers will NOT run under JDK 14 because usage is made of the Pack200 Tools and API, for packing and unpacking, which is removed in JDK 14, see JEP 367.”

NetBeans doesnt support JAVA JDK 14

This means the problem was the JAVA JDK version. JAVA 14 removed the Pack200 Tools, which the current NetBeans installation is using.

Therefore, uninstall JAVA 14 and install JAVA 13. After that, begin NetBeans installation again and it will work correctly. This is how to fix NetBeans installation error.

Video Tutorial

Following is the video tutorial showing the above text tutorial as a video lesson:

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