Fix MySQL ERROR 1045 (28000) Access denied for user root@localhost (using password: YES) on Mac OS

In this post, learn how to fix “MySQL Error 1045” issue. You may get this error while starting the server on command prompt after installing MySQL. Below is the exact error.


Following is the error:

Following is the screenshot of the error:
MySQL error 1045 access denied

Fix MySQL ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied

Step 1: To fix the issue, at first on your MAC, go to the Apple sign top-right and click on it. Select “System Preferences” as shown below:

Open System Preferences on MAC

Step 2: Search “MySQL” in “System Preferences” and click on it:

Search MySQL under System Preferences

Step 3: Now, after reaching “MySQL” section, click “Initialize Database”:

Click Initialize Database

Step 4: The password box is empty. Enter a new password and click OK:

Enter new password to fix MySQL Error 1045

Step 5: That’s it! Go to the Terminal and reach the MySQL bin path using cd command as shown below:

Reach the MySQL bin path

Now start the server with the following command:

Press enter and fill the password you just set above as shown in Step 4:

Enter MySQL root password

The server starts as shown below:

MySQL Error 1045 Fixed and Server started

Video Tutorial

If you’d like to see video tutorial and fix the issue, then refer the below video,

Read More

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