Fix Can’t connect to MySQL Server: MySQL Workbench could not detect any MySQL running

In this post, learn how to fix Can’t connect to MySQL Server. You may get this error while installing MySQL on Windows 10 and opening “MySQL Workbench” for the first time. Below is the exact error.


Following is the error:

Fix Can’t connect to MySQL Server Error

Step1: To fix the issue, go to START and type “Services” as shown below:

Fix Can't connect to MySQL Server go to MySQL Services

Step 2: Now, look for MySQL80 under Services as shown below:

MySQL80 under Services

Right click and Stop MySQL80:

Stop MySQL 80

Step3: After stopping the server, right click again and select Properties:

Reach MySQL80 Properties

Step4: Now, we will reach MySQL80 Properties:

Reached MySQL80 Properties

On clicking Log On, the following Network Service account will be visible:

Logon section visible

Click “Local System Account”, then apply and at last, OK:

Click Local System Account to fix Can't connect to MySQL Server

Step5: Right click and START the server as shown below. This will connect to MySQL Server:

connect to MySQL Server

Now, go to start, type “MySQL Workbench” and open it. The same will work.

Follow the below videos for MySQL Server and Workbench:

Video Tutorial

If you’d like to see video tutorial and fix the issue, then refer the below video,

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