Python 3 Installation

Python 3 Installation

To start working with Python, first you should know how to install it. Python 3 Installation is quite easy and can be installed on multiple platforms.

To install Python on windows, go to the official website of Python.

Above, on the official website, we selected the Python version for Windows to download Python 3.6.2.

After downloading python-3.6.2.exe, double click on it for installation.

Click Next above and you will be provided with advanced options, with other options to set location. The location we have set is,


We have also set the PATH here, which automatically sets Environment Variable for Python,

Above, click Install to install Python.

Now, you can see Python 3 installed successfully,

After installation, let us check the successful installation of Python. Open cmd as an administrator. To open, go to start and type cmd. Then right click and click Run as Administrator,

The cmd opens up, now type python and press enter.

The following should be visible, which shows Python installed properly,

We have successful installed Python 3. In the next lesson, we will learn how to run our first program in Python.

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