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To run Python program, it’s always a good option to use an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). When you will install Python, it will come bundled with IDLE. It is the Integrated Development Environment for Python. The IDLE gets installed with the Python installation since Python 1.5, and you don’t need to install any other IDE. Isn’t it, great?

IDLE is short for Integrated Development and Learning Environment and here are its features:

  • Has Python Shell
  • Cross-Platform
  • Text Editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Persistent breakpoints
  • Smart indent

After installing Python, use the IDLE to run your first program. Here are the steps to run a basic program in IDLE:

Go to START > Python IDLE and open it.

Open Python IDLE

Now, the IDLE can be seen. Click on it and open:

Python IDLE opens

Type a basic Python program as shown below:

Run first program on Python IDLE

Now, press ENTER and get the result:

Output on Python IDLE

Above, we printed a single line and displayed the result. This is how you can run Python programs in IDLE.

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