How to Install Python on Windows 10/ 11

In this article, we will see how to install Python 3 on Windows  OS. With that, to avoid any hassles in the future, we will also let you know how to verify the installation.

Download Python

To download Python, go to Python’s official website.

Now, keep the mouse cursor on the Downloads menu. The current version of Python can now be seen,

Download Python 3.9

On clicking, the download begins,

Python 3.9 downloading begins

After the download completes, click on the arrow, and select Open to begin installing,

Start installing Python 3.9

Installing Python

Installation steps initiated. Select the checkbox “Add Python 3.9 to PATH“.  After that, click Customize Installation as shown below:

Python 3.9 installation started

Now, you will reach the section Optional Features. This by default checks the “pip” package installer, test suite, py launcher, etc. Pip is used to install and manage Python packages.

Keep the default and click “Next“:

Python installation test suite pip py launcher settings

The Advanced Options section would be visible now. Select Install for all users. On selecting it will set the following installation path on its own. You can change the installation path by clicking Browse. If you want to keep the default path, click Install,

Set Python installation path

Installation of all the components begins,

Python components installing

After a few seconds, the installation completes as shown below.

Click Close,

Python 3.9 setup completes

Verify Python Installation

Now, verify whether we have successfully installed Python or not.

Go to START -> type CMD, right-click Open as Administrator.

Open CMD to verify Python installation

The Command Prompt opens as shown below,

CMD opens

Now, on typing the following command python –version on CMD, the following is visible, that means Python successfully installed on our Windows 10 OS:

Python successfully installed on Windows 10

Video Tutorial

Here’s the YouTube video for the steps we saw above to install Python on Windows 10 and the sample Python program in the end:

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