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Examples help you understand the concept clearly. Here, we have combined some of the best examples that would make you an expert in HTML. HTML5 was released in the year 2014 as a markup language by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

HTML5 Coding Examples Studyopedia

Learn from our practical examples. All these examples have been created by us, tested and the output is also displayed. Feel free to use these examples, but do not forget to link us back.

  1. Creating HTML Document
  2. Creating Headings in HTML web page
  3. Creating Paragraphs in HTML Web Page
  4. Page links in an HTML Web Page
  5. Inserting Image in HTML
  6. Add Title in an HTML web page
  7. How to create horizontal line in HTML Page
  8. The href attribute in HTML Page
  9. Image height and width attribute in HTML
  10. Inserting Hyperlinks on an HTML web page?
  11. Why head tag is used in HTML?
  12. How to set background color in HTML?
  13. How to set font color in HTML
  14. How to use StyleSheet in HTML
Creating headings in HTML web page
Creating Paragraphs in HTML Web Page
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