Inserting Hyperlinks on an HTML web page

Links in an HTML web page helps in linking one page to another. For example, below we have some links:

Hyperlinks Example

Above, the text “Python Dictionay”, “Python Tuples”, “Java”, Python” are all Hypelinks. On clicking, the respective link, the linked page will open.

To add a hyperlink, use the <a></a> tag and the href attribute,

Whatever text comes inside the <a>…</a> tag becomes hypelink. For example, above the text “Love Programming” becomes a link.

Under the above <a> tag, we will add the link. Following is how you can add a hyperlink correctly in HTML:

The <a>…</a> tag should always come inside the <body>…</body> tags.


Following example gives an overview of how to add links to an HTML web page,


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