HTML5 Features

HTML5 came with amazing new features to make it easier for developers to develop powerful websites. Here are some of the HTML5 features,

Newly introduced Semantic Elements

HTML5 came up with new semantic elements such as <header>, <footer>, <article>, and <section>.

Newly introduced Multimedia Elements

HTML5 came up with some new amazing multimedia elements such as <audio> and <video>. With these elements, you can add a video and audio on the web page without any hassles.

Newly introduced Graphic Elements

New graphic elements such as canvas and SVG have been introduced. With canvas, easily draw graphics on a web page. And with SVG, draw circles, boxes, polygon, rectangle, text etc with the methods. SVS is Scalable Vector Graphics.

For example, we can draw a rectangle with HTML 5 canvas element. We will discuss the below code and its tags later,

Here’s the output showing the HTML web page,

HTML5 Features - SVG

New APIs introduced

HTML5 brought some new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), such as Geolocation, Application cache, etc.

Application Cache

Application Cache allows the files to be available offline. The files are cached files and are made available to offline users.


The Geolocation API locates the geographical position of a user.  This location is only available on users’ approval.

Support for Browsers

HTML5 supports all new browsers and the latest versions of some popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. support HTML5 features.

Drag & Drop

With HTML5, you can use the drag and drop feature to drag and drop objects from one location to a different location on the same page.

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