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Learn how to create a responsive website with Bootstrap concepts and take your website development skills to the next level. Bootstrap is a must today for responsive web development on different screen sizes. The course covers Bootstrap components with the live running of code. With that, every lesson is thoroughly explained with a lot of examples displaying the screen size to give a thorough understanding.

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Before moving to the Bootstrap Text Tutorial, refer to our Complete Bootstrap Video Course:

Bootstrap Tutorial Index

  1. Bootstrap Introduction
  2. Setup Bootstrap
  3. First Bootstrap Example
  4. Grids in Bootstrap
  5. Buttons in Bootstrap
  6. ButtonGroups in Bootstrap
  7. Tables in Bootstrap
  8. Bootstrap Responsive Table
  9. Change Text Background Color
  10. Change Text Color
  11. Alert in Bootstrap
  12. Badges in Bootstrap
  13. Progress Bars in Bootstrap
  14. Navbar in Bootstrap
  15. Navigation Tabs and Pills
  16. Pagination in Bootstrap
  17. Images in Bootstrap
  18. Tooltips in Bootstrap
  19. Cards in Bootstrap
  20. Collapse in Bootstrap
  21. DropDown in Bootstrap
  22. Forms in Bootstrap
  23. Form Input Controls in Bootstrap
  24. List Groups in Bootstrap
  25. Modal in Bootstrap

Let’s begin with Bootstrap Introduction.

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Bootstrap Introduction
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