Bootstrap Form Input Controls

Learn about Bootstrap Form Input Controls, such as input text, password, checkbox, radio, text area, select, etc with implementation. Additionally, learn the following:

  • How to resize Form Control
  • Set Range Input
  • Set File Input

Various Form Input Controls can be created on a web page:

  • input (Text)
  • input (Password)
  • checkbox
  • radio
  • textarea
  • select

Resize the Form Control using the following classes:

  • For small size, use the .form-control-sm
  • For large size, use the .form-control-lg

Example – Bootstrap Form Input Controls

Let us now see an example to create Form Input Controls in Bootstrap:


Bootstrap Form Input Controls Example

Video Tutorial – Bootstrap Form Input Controls

The following is the complete video tutorial to learn how to work with Form Input Controls in Bootstrap:

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