Bootstrap Pagination

In this lesson, learn how to create Pagination in Bootstrap. With that, learn:

  • How to highlight a link
  • How to disable a link
  • Resize Pagination
  • Align Pagination

We will also see some Bootstrap classes for Pagination:

  • Create Pagination using the .pagination class
  • Highlight a Link using the .active class
  • Disable a Link using the .disabled class
  • Resize Pagination with .pagination-lg for large pagination and .pagination-sm for smaller pagination.
  • Align Pagination with .justify-content-start, .justify-content-center, and .justify-content-end.

Example – Bootstrap Pagination

Let us now see an example of creating Pagination in Bootstrap:


Bootstrap Pagination

Video Tutorial – Bootstrap Pagination

The following is the complete video tutorial to learn how to work with Pagination in Bootstrap:

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