How to Install Matplotlib on Anaconda

In this lesson, we will learn how to install Matplotlin on Anaconda. We will also create a new Notebook on Jupyter Notebook in Anaconda.

To install Matplotlib on Anaconda,

Step 1: Open Anaconda Navigator after installing Anaconda.

Go to Start, type Anaconda Navigator, and click Open as shown below:

Open Anaconda Navigator

Step 2: The Anaconda Navigator opens. Reach Jupyter Notebook and click Launch as shown below:

Open Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook is now visible on the localhost as shown below:

Jupyter Notebook opens up

Step 3: Go to New and select the dropdown. It is just beside the Upload button. From the dropdown, select Python 3:

Create a Notebook on Anaconda

A new Notebook will open:

A New Notebook on Anaconda

Step 4: Rename the notebook by clicking the default name Untitled as shown below:

Rename Notebook on Anaconda

Give any name to the Notebook. We gave the name FirstNotebook.ipynb. The extension gets added on its own:

Notebook renamed

Step 5: Go to the cell as highlighted above and type the following command to install Matplotlib:

After pressing Enter, the following is visible. At the end the Matplotlib version is visible. That means the installation is successful:

Matplotlib installed on Anaconda

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