How to Install MySQL on MacOS

In this post, we will see how to download and install MySQL on MacOS. The current version is MySQL 8.0.22. At first, we will download MySQL and then proceed with the installation.

Download MySQL

Let us begin downloading the MySQL .dmg file. To download the MySQL installer, visit the below link:

From the link, go to “MySQL Community Downloads”, click the following MySQL version and download “mysql-8.0.22-macos10.15-x86_64.dmg”:

Download MySQL on macOS dmg file

Install MySQL on MacOS

After downloading the MySQL dmg file mysql-8.0.22-macos10.15-x86_64.dmg, double click on it.

Now, the following will be visible, double click to start the installation:

MacOS MySQL downloaded

On double click, the installation begins as shown below.

Click Continue:

MySQL installation on Mac begins

Now, the License Agreement is visible.

Click Continue and then Agree:

MySQL License Agreement

The Installation Type can be seen now. It will take 722MB of space. For Standard Installation, click Install. If you want to customize the location, click Customize.

Since it’s for Beginners, we will go for Standard Installation and click “Install

Installation Type MySQL

The Installation started as shown below:

MySQL Community Installation started

After some seconds, “Configure MySQL Server” dialog box will be visible. Keep the default i.e. ”Use Strong Password Encryption” and click Next as shown below:

Configure MySQL Server

After clicking Next, enter a new password for root user. Enter any password of your choice and click Finish.

As shown in the below screenshot, the server will automatically start after installation completes:

Root password for MySQL entered

Installation completed successfully as in the below screenshot:

MySQL Installation completed

Video Tutorial – MySQL

Here’s the YouTube video for the steps we saw above to install MySQL on MAC:

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