Create menu resource directory (res/menu) in Android Studio

Whenever you create a Blank Activity in Android Studio, a menu resource directory (i.e. menu resource file i.e. res/menu) and file gets automatically created, with auto-generated code in java class file. But what if you want to add an Empty Activity, can you create a menu resource directory and file manually? The answer is yes, this is what we will cover in this post.

menu resource directory

What we will learn?

  • The difference between Blank Activity and Empty Activity?
  • How to add an Empty Activity in Android Studio?
  • What is the correct way to create a menu resource directory (res/menu)?
  • How to create a menu resource file in menu resource directory (res/menu/menu_main.xml).

Here are the steps with which you can easily add a menu resource directory and file in Empty Activity in Android Studio,

Adding Menu Resource Directory (res/menu)

Step 1: Open your project and right click on res, then click “New”, then “Android resource directory”,

Add Android resource directory:


Step 2:

After that change the resource type to “menu” in the dropdown menu and then click “OK”.

Change the resource type to menu:


Step 3:

Now you can see a new Android Resource Directory “menu” gets created,

Menu directory added:

Menu directory added

Adding menu file in Menu Resource Directory

Step 1: To create menu file in menu folder, right click on “menu” directory -> “New” -> “Menu resource file“,

Add menu resource file:


Step 2: Give the file name, menu_main.xml -> click Ok,

Naming menu resource file to “menu_main.xml

Naming menu resource menu_main

Step 3: Now, you can see the directory structure, that shows the new file, “menu_main.xml” in “menu” directory.

Menu Directory Structure:

menu_main file created in menu resource directory

Here’s the video showing the above steps,

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