How to Install Pandas on Windows

To install Pandas on Windows, we need Python and pip. The pip is used to download and install Python packages. Let us first download and install Python and pip.

After installing Python and pip, open CMD and use pip to install Pandas. Type the following command and press Enter:

The above will install pandas on Windows. You can also use any of the following Python Distributions/ Platforms to run your first Pandas program:

Run the first Pandas program

Now, let us run our first Pandas program. In the sample program, we need to first import the Pandas after installing:

To avoid writing pandas, again and again, we can also use an alias i.e.

Let us now see the following Pandas code which can be run in any of the Python Distributions. Do notice that we have imported pandas at the top:


In the above program, we have created a dataset and added it to the DataFrame() method.  To understand, what is DataFrame and its purpose, let us see the next lesson. The 0, 1, 2, etc. are the index that gets automatically added to the table.

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