JavaScript Functions

A function in JavaScript is an organized block of reusable code, which avoids repeating the tasks again and again. If you want to do a task repeatedly in a code, then just make a method, set the task in it, and call the function multiple times whenever you need it.

Create and call a Function

To create a function in JavaScript set the function keyword, then the name of the function followed by parentheses. Set the function in the { } i.e., curly brackets:

The function can also have arguments. Here is the syntax:

Above, we have two parameters i.e., parameter1 and parameter2. We can see 0 or more parameters.

To call a function in JavaScript, we can use a button. On pressing the button i.e., when an event occurs, the function gets called as shown below:


JavaScript Functions

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JavaScript Functions output

Function Parameters

Set the parameters in a JavaScript function after the name of the function. For example:

To call a function with a parameter, set the value while calling, for example:

Therefore, we have passed the marks with the value 90 while calling above.

Let us now see an example to create a function with parameters:


JavaScript Function Parameters

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JavaScript Function Parameters output

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