Setup Environment for C++

In the previous lesson, we learned about OOPs benefits and before that we saw an overview of C++. Now is the right time to setup environment for C++ to begin with C++ Programming.

Easily setup C++ and start working on your first C++ program. Here are the two ways through which you can easily install C++. You need a C++ compiler to work around C++ program. Here are most widely used C++ Compiler,

  • TurboC/C++
  • MinGW

We will here see how to setup TurboC/C++ compiler,

Download TurboC/C++ (Source: Borland) and double-click setup.exe to start installation,

Setup Environment for C++

Click Next above and set the location of installation. We have set it in C drive:

TurboC++ Installation completes

TurboC++ gets installed at our preferred location.

Now, we will Open Turbo C++.

Go to Start and type TurboC++, as in the below screenshot:

Selecting TurboC++ from Start

A new screen “Turbo C++” will open; from here select Start Turbo C++, as in the below screenshot:

Start Turbo C++

In the next lesson, we will learn how to write first program in C++ on Turbo C/C++and run it successfully. 

If you’d prefer Video instructions, then please continue with the below video:

Video Tutorial (English)

Video Tutorial (Hindi)

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