C++ Classes and Objects

In this lesson, we will understand what is a class and object. With that, we will also see some examples to create classes and objects. In C++, a class is a template for an object, whereas an object is an instance of a class.

What is a Class in C++

C++ is an Object-Oriented Programming Language. It is an extension of the C Programming Language i.e., C with Classes. Consider, a class as a blueprint.

Create a Class

To create a class is to declare in C++. At first, to declare a class, use the class keyword in C++. The class is a reserved word in C++.

Let us now see how to define a class in C++. The public is an access specifier in C++. For the public access specifier, the members can be accessed from outside the class easily. In the below example, the class members are length and width:

What is an Object In C++

An object is an instance of a class i.e., an object is created from a class. Object represents real-life entities, for example, a Bike is an object. Object has State, Behavior, and Identity:

  • Identity: Name of Bike
  • State (Attributes): The data of object Bike i.e., Color, Model, Weight, etc.
  • Behavior (Methods): Behavior of object Bike like to Drive, Brake

Let us now see the representation, with Bike as an object:

Classes and Objects in C++

Create an Object

An object is a runtime entity with state and behavior. To create an object in C++, we use a Class. The syntax is as follows:

Above, we have set the class name with ClassName followed by the object obj. This is how an object is created in C++.

Let us see the above example and create three objects in C++:

Example: Classes and Objects

Let us see the complete example to create a class and object. In this example, we will also learn how to access the attributes of the class using the dot:


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