Two Dimensional Arrays in C++

In the previous lesson, we saw how to work with Arrays in C++. An array can have two or more dimensions. Here we will discuss about two-dimensional arrays. A two dimensional array as the name suggests has two dimensions, not what we saw in one-dimensional arrays.

Before the example, let us see the syntax,

Considering the above syntax, let us see an example, with 3 rows and 3 columns in a two-dimensional array,

Let us now see how rows and columns work in a two-dimensional array,

Two Dimensional Arrays Rows and Columns Structure

Now, let us see a complete example to learn more about two-dimensional arrays.


Let us see a program where we will print the rank and points of 5 cricketers. Here, you can see an array with rows and columns i.e. two-dimensional.

We’re displaying the rank and points for 5 teams, but before that you need to input the values. The cin in C++ is used to input values and cout to get the output,

Here, cric[0][1] would mean 1st row and 1st column, cric[0][2] is 1st row and 2nd column, etc

The following is the output,

Two Dimensional Arrays in C++ Language

Here, you saw the following two dimensional arrays,

Two Dimensional Arrays with rows and columns

In this lesson we learned how to work with Multi-Dimensional array in C++.

Arrays in C++ Programming
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