Run First Program in Eclipse

In the previous lessons, we created a new Java Project, and also understood how to create new Java package and a new Java class. Now, let’s see how to run first program in Eclipse.

Launch Eclipse and reach our program, which we created in Create New Java Project lesson. We added a new project, StudyopediaProject. If you remember, we added class file in create new Java Class lesson.

We will create a simple program in Java , and add it to the java file we created before,,

Above, we have added a simple program in Java, to print text. After adding the content, go to File and click Save.

This is how our first program looks now,

Eclipse First program

Now, to run the first program,

Go to Run menu and click it. After that, click Run sub-menu. You can also run program in Eclipse with the key, Ctrl+F11,

Run First Program in Eclipse

After running, the following output is visible, in the below Output window,

Eclipse First program Output

Above, we saw how to run our first Java program in Eclipse.

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