Create New Eclipse Project

Develop applications in multiple languages using Eclipse. Some steps are to be followed for creating a project in Eclipse. Still creating a new project in Eclipse is quite effortless. For creating an application, you need to first create new Eclipse project.

Launce Eclipse and go to the File Menu, then

File > New > Project

Reach Eclipse New Project section

After clicking project, a new dialog box will be visible, which is to create new Eclipse project. The project wizard will give you the following options,

Create New Eclipse Project wizard

The above dialog box shows options to create a project. From there itself, you can create a Java project, Maven project, etc.

After selecting any of the option, you will reach a section wherein you need to add more details about the project. In this way, easily create new project in Eclipse.

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In the next lesson, we will learn how to create a new Java project in Eclipse.

Eclipse Help Menu
Create New Java Project in Eclipse
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