Transport Layer in OSI Model

The Transport Layer in OSI Model is responsible for end-to-end delivery of the entire message. It makes sure the message arrives in order, with both error and flow control.

Transport Layer in OSI Model

The following are the roles of transport layer in OSI Model,

Service-point address

The Layer includes a header with the address called the port address i.e. service-point address. The layer transmits the complete message to the correct process.


Message is divided into segments. Each of these segments contains a sequence number. The Layer reassemble the message correctly upon arrival. This is to recognize and replace the packets lost in transmission.

Connection Control

The layer includes,

Connectionless Transport Layer:
Each segment is treated as an independent packet.

Connection-Oriented Transport Layer: A connection is made with the layer at the destination machine. After the connection, the packets are delivered and the connection is terminated.

Flow Control

Performed end-to-end in this Layer.

Error Control

Error Control performed end-to-end in this Layer. The layer assures that the message arrives at the receiving layer end without any damage or duplication.

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