Performance of Transmission Medium

Performance of Transmission Medium

The performance of Transmission medium can be measured with Throughput, Propagation Speed, and Propagation Time.

Let us see the Transmission Media one by one,


The measurement of how many bits pass through a point in once second, is known as throughput. The result shows how fast data passes.

Throughput Performance of Transmission Medium

Propagation Time

The time required for a signal or bit to travel from one point to another is Propagation Time.  The signal travels from one point of the transmission medium to another.

Calculate Propagation Time using the following formulae:

Propagation Time

Propagation Speed

The distance a signal or bit travels through a transmission medium in one second. For electromagnetic signals, the propagation medium depends on the medium and frequency of the signal.

In this lesson we learned how to work with Throughput, Propagation Speed, and Propagation Time to measure the performance of Transmission Medium.

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