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Welcome to our Mac and macOS Tutorial. We are assuming that you have just bought a Macbook or iMac and are facing trouble understanding the basic usage and workflow. Well, do not worry, we faced the same situation. It took us days to understand how to navigate through Mac, operate the mouse, and trackpad, installs software, update, etc.

We structured the course with all the basics to make Mac environment and usage far better than Windows. Beginners and Intermediate users of Mac should definitely refer to this free Tutorial to enhance their Mac experience and start loving it.

It’s a myth that using Mac is hectic and confusing. Well, Mac is far easier than Windows usage and definitely a better choice. After completing this course, you will become an expert in Mac from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced in no time.

We have discussed the basics as minor as changing wallpaper, dock size, adding widgets, new regions, installing any software, enabling accessibility, turning on the firewall, etc.

The MacOS Big Sur is discussed here in the tutorial, beginning with how to update your Mac to the latest MacOS version. We have discussed the best practices of Mac usage, with all possible tips and tricks.

Mac Tutorial Index

✔️ Organize Desktop

✔️ Organize Dock

✔️ Set Widgets

✔️ Display missing icons in menu

✔️ Set

✔️ Get Info

✔️ Exploring file paths & links

✔️ User Accounts


✔️ Additional Content

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