Copilot – Write your first Prompt

In this lesson, learn what are Prompts, and who are Prompt Engineers. Also, write your first prompt on Microsoft Copilot.

What is a Prompt?

A Prompt is an input that a user gives to the Copilot AI model to get a specific response. Consider it a query. A prompt describes the task that an AI should perform.

What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt engineering involves crafting specific instructions that can be understood by the AI Model to generate relevant responses in real- time.

What do Prompt Engineers do?

The role of Prompt Engineers is to guide the AI model to generate desired outputs. They write detailed instructions to get relevant output in real time. A prompt engineer is an expert in creating text-based prompts.

Write your first prompt on Copilot

let us see how to write your first prompt on Copilot. Type your first prompt as shown below and click the button to get real-time results:

Write prompts on Copilot

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