Copilot Introduction and Features

Microsoft Copilot is a chatbot developed by Microsoft. It was launched on February 7, 2023. You can access Microsoft Copilot using Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers on Windows and Mac OS. Microsoft Copilot is your everyday AI companion. Here are some key points about Copilot:

  • Based on a large language model (LLM),
  • It leverages the power of AI to boost productivity.
  • It unlocks your creativity and helps you understand information better through an easy chat experience.
  • It serves as Microsoft’s primary replacement for the discontinued Cortana.

Large language models (LLMs)

Large language models (LLMs) provide the engine that powers Copilot. LLMs enable Copilot to craft naturally phrased recommendations, ensuring that any content it generates aligns with your unique situation. Large language models (LLMs) represent a class of artificial intelligence models that specialize in understanding and generating human-like text.

Copilot wants to make you more productive, save you time by creating new content, and provide suggestions that are pertinent to your needs. It’s a wise companion that stays by your side during regular Microsoft 365 interactions. Whether in Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or other programs,

Copilot Features

The following are the features of Copilot,

  • Easily create images like logos, banners, etc.
  • Upload and scan images
  • Work, search, and scan PDF Documents.
  • Write professional emails, blogs, and articles in seconds.
  • Easily find jobs and create resumes and cover letters with the click of a button.
  • Learn coding
  • Write advertisements
  • Fix the grammar
  • Plan your vacation
  • Write a meal plan
  • Create a workout plan
Copilot Tutorial
What are Copilot GPTs
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