Amit Thinks achievements and stats 2023

Amit Thinks YouTube Channel Stats In 2023

Hi Learners, I am Amit Diwan, the Founder of Studyopedia and Amit Thinks YouTube Channel. We got over 40% more views on our YouTube Channel Amit Thinks in the Year 2023 and reached 2.28 Million Monthly Views in September 2023. Total Watch Time reached 1.65 Million Hours i.e. 99.8 million minutes taught.

Here are the analytics of our YouTube channel Amit Thinks in 2023. Let us see the complete stats: Views, Unique Viewers visiting our channel videos, Watch Time, etc.

Amit Thinks achievements and stats 2023

Amit Thinks YouTube Channel 2023 Analytics

There was a tremendous amount of growth on our YouTube Channel in the Year 2023, with 22,419,313 Views, 762, 746 Hours of Watch Time, and a whopping 116,261,628 Impressions.

Amit Thinks YouTube Channel 2023 analytics stats

Amit Thinks Got 22 Million Views in 2023

Our traffic continues to grow in 2023 with around 22 Million Views. With that, the total views as of 1st January 2024 have crossed 47 Million.

Amit Thinks Got 116 Million Impressions in 2023

According to YouTube Studio analytics, the total impressions on our channel are 245 Million. However, the impressions on our videos in 2023 were 116,261,628 Impressions i.e. 116 Million (11.6 crores).

Amit Thinks Watch Time was 762k Hours in 2023

We will reach 1.7 million Hours of Watch Time this month, January 2024. That is about 100 Million (10 crores) minutes. That’s a whopping number for a wholly bootstrapped channel. However, our videos were watched for about 762k Hours in 2023 i.e. 45 Million minutes (4.5 crores).

Amit Thinks Served 15 Million Unique Users in 2023

According to YouTube Studio, Amit Thinks YouTube Channel served more than 15 Million Unique Users in the year 2023

Amit Thinks Total Statistics

The year 2023 gave us a lot of hope, engagement, and traffic and motivated us to create more quality video and text courses. The video courses get uploaded on our channel Amit Thinks and text courses i.e. Study Material are on the website studyopedia. Here are our Total Statistics till 1st January 2024:

Total views: 47 million+
Total Subscribers: 160k+
Total watch time: 1.6 million+ hours
Total Impressions: 245 million+
Reach: 200+ countries and territories (Major Countries: India and US)

Badges and Certificates

The following certificates and badges were provided by VidIQ and TubeBuddy on completing a Milestone for Total Views, Subscribers, and Watch Time.

2.28 Million Monthly Views on Amit Thinks YouTube Channel

Achieved: September 2023

Amit Thinks 2.3 Million Monthly Views

450k Total Likes on Amit Thinks YouTube Channel

Achieved: 14th October, 2023

Amit Thinks YouTube Channel total likes

1.5 Million Total Hours Watch Time on Amit Thinks YouTube Channel

Achieved: 19th October, 2023

amit thinks total watch time 1.5 million hours

100 k Subscribers on Amit Thinks YouTube Channel

We completed 100k Subscribers on our YouTube Channel in March 2023:


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Founder of Amit Thinks, a programming YouTube Channel. Also running this website Left a job offer from Accenture to follow my dream of being an entrepreneur. On our YouTube Channel, Amit Thinks, we are serving more than 1 million unique visitors/ month. With that, we have reached a whopping 2.2 million monthly organic views.

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