Meet Prarthana Vyavahare: How she founded a media platform Paradox India

We, at Studyopedia, spoke with Paradox India’s Founder, Prarthana Vyavahare. She told us how she started her entrepreneurial journey during the lockdown period. We were interested in learning about her path, including how she expanded her business and what drove her.

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1. How did the concept of Paradox India originate? Tell us more about the company.

I believe and proudly state everywhere that Paradox is a lockdown child! It was in lockdown that I wanted to do something unique and thank god for lockdown that the guests we interviewed preferred live interviews as it was lockdown.

2. At what point did you realize you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

I believe the Entrepreneurial spirit is something that grows day by day with experiences and new projects however this spirit never makes you settle for the bare minimum. You have inculcated this spirit once your mind starts thinking of 365 ways to solve any problem or make something from scratch!

3. During creating and expanding Paradox, what were some of the major obstacles you had to overcome?

There is a huge communication gap when we approach potential guests. It is the chain of management agencies and managers to finally reaches the potential guests which dilutes the process. However supportive people at Paradox especially Prasad Mane and Manoj Khaitan who have been integral parts of Paradox helped me navigate through it. Sanyukta and Ashish initially made it easier as well.

4. How does Paradox India help celebrities?

Paradox India is a platform that makes artists seen and heard. Few talents we initially interviewed have reached heights. In today’s media world being interviewed is still a matter of pride and this encourages artists to keep up their good work. Also, these interviews help common people and strugglers get inspiration from the best.

5. Does your company cover Influencers and YouTubers as well?

Yes, we at Paradox extremely respect YouTubers and influencers because influencing is not as easy as it looks. It takes effort and it has its challenges. So getting to know them through interviews is a great thing!

Prarthana Paradox

6. Which famed celebrities have you featured on your platform till now?

To name a few Celebrity drape artist Dolly Singh, a woman who inspires and drapes beautifully to all the celebrities on their wedding day to Cannes Festival! Also, Siddhi Idnani is featured in The Kerala Story, Anuj Saini, and many more!

7. Does your company also organize media events?

Yes, we have been providing value by arranging media events across Pune in reputed colleges. We are extremely delighted to share that all our events added value to budding artists and entrepreneurs and we successfully brought celebrity inspirations to the campuses.

8. What advice would you like to give to a budding entrepreneur in the media industry?

The media industry is very challenging, contacts aren’t easy here. But if you strive and stick to it, it has a basket to offer! Experiment. Experiment and Experiment and it is okay to fail. Carry that failure like a T-shirt!

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