Shiva Dudigama LinkedIn Influencer

Shiva Dudigama: A LinkedIn Influencer sharing tips to manage professional identity

We, at Studyopedia, spoke with Shiva Dudigama, a LinkedIn Influencer and Personal Growth Coach. He told us how he became a LinkedIn Influencer. With that, he also shared some fruitful tips for managing the professional identity on the World’s largest social networking site for the business community, LinkedIn.

Shiva Dudigama LinkedIn Influencer

1. How did you become a LinkedIn Influencer and a personal growth coach? Tell us more about yourself.

I started learning LinkedIn marketing in 2020 and created content regularly. I helped people for free for experience, and a few also paid me for my expertise. Brands approached me for their influencer needs, and that’s how my journey started.

2. At what point did you realize your LinkedIn has become engaging, and people are loving it?

I started creating content regularly, and people began engaging with it. One of my posts went viral, receiving 5000 likes and 2 lakh views. Then I took LinkedIn seriously and started working on it.

3. While creating and expanding your LinkedIn, what were some of the major obstacles you had to overcome initially?

Creating content and coming up with ideas were major obstacles. I always believed you have to consume content to create content. Staying consistent and creating useful content is also a challenge, but you will know what is working once you take action.

4. How to optimize your posts on LinkedIn?

Start with a strong hook, create a story, and always end your post with a good CTA. Don’t use more than 5 hashtags and always use relevant ones. Make sure you write as if you are talking to one person. Ensure it is readable and mobile-friendly.

5. On YouTube and Instagram, the publish time matters a lot. Is it the same case with LinkedIn? If yes, then what’s the best time to post on LinkedIn?

Yes, it was the case before, but now everything has changed. People are posting whenever they are free, and it is working. Usually, you can post from 9-11 am, 1-2 pm, and 5-8 pm to get good engagement. With good content, you can post anytime.

6. How do brands approach LinkedIn Influencers and vice-versa?

Brands approach influencers based on industry, engagement, and followers. You can also approach brands in your relevant industry if you have decent followers and engagement.

7. How can one gain more followers on LinkedIn?

Be active and post content regularly. Engage with others’ content and also optimize your profile. LinkedIn rewards consistency and activity. It is also a content game. Make sure you create more shareable content for better reach and to gain more followers.

8. Does conducting webinars and seminars help increase readership and engagement?

Yes, it helps to an extent to get leads, followers, and engagement. I have not done it, but I have collaborated with others for webinars and seminars. They are great ways to get leads and also good collaborations.

9. Any tool you would like to suggest to our audience for LinkedIn Marketing?

1. Taplio
2. Buzzsumo
3. Super Grow
4. Answer the Public

These are the four tools that can help you skyrocket your LinkedIn profile.

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