Examples of Data

Examples of Data

As discussed in the Overview of Data lesson, Data is a plural of Datum, a collection of facts, and numbers, quantitative and qualitative, digitally stored. Let us now see some of the real-life examples of Data with its applications:

  • Financial
  • Statistical
  • Scientific
  • Geographical
  • Transport

Examples of Data

Financial Data

The data displaying the financial health of a company is called Financial Data. This includes the Company’s bank balance, balance sheet, transactions, and account information

Statistical Data

The population of a country, the statistical information about a country, its states, sectors, regions, and districts, etc. comes under statistical data.

Scientific Data

The scientific data can include the result of lab experiments.

Geographical Data

The Geographical Data is called GeoData i.e. data related to a specific location on the Earth. Also called, geospatial data or GIS data.

Transport Data

The data relating to Vehicle Registration comes under Transport Data. The fines imposed on vehicles due to speeding, red-light jump,  and other traffic violations also come under Transport Data.

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